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Golden Romance Break of Dawn Joy


Birthday—March 29, 2018

Health Clearances

OFA Hips-GR128964G24M-VPI 

OFA Elbows-EL48537M24M-VPI

OFA Heart-CA35982/24M/P-VPI


Pra 1-Clear

Pra 2-Clear


Duke is available for stud-The stud service must be an artificial insemination.  Progesterone testing must be set up and paid for by the owner of the female with the veterinarian. The owner of the female must schedule and pay for the actual artificial insemination.  The female owner will need to set up with their vet the semen collection.  We will pay for the semen collection. The female owner will be responsible to pay a $1,500 stud fee at time of semen collection.  We guarantee a litter of puppies or a 100% stud fee refund. Our favorite vets to work with are South Mtn. vet clinic in Draper or Mountain West Animal Hospital in Springville. If you have questions about how all of this works I would be happy to guide you through!


Dog Breeding Information


Dog breeding can be exciting and rewarding. There are many factors that need to play into your decision when considering breeding your Golden Retriever. Raising a litter of puppies is a huge undertaking. But the reality is that raising puppies is a lot of work.  These amazing dogs grow and change so much in 8 weeks.  I wish everyone had the time, and could experience raising a litter of puppies.  Raising puppies will teach people so many of life's great lessons.


Two tips for breeding dogs


1-Have an estimate when your female will be going into heat. You need to make contact with the owner of the stud to start planning and scheduling.


2-Watch your female closely.  Your dog will be ready for the male during Day 8-Day 12 of her heat cycle.


How to breed your dog

In this day and age there are three ways most dogs can reproduce.  I have had success in breeding my females in these three ways.


#1 Natural

-Natural-During day 8, day 10, and day 12 of your females heat cycle you put the male and female together.  And hopefully nature takes its course.   When breeding naturally you would like to have 2-3 "ties".  


-You take your female to a reproductive veterinarian.  They will check your females progesterone levels and get the timing exactly right for breeding.  The reproductive vet will collect semen from the male the day the female has the right progesterone level and they will place the semen directly into the uterus. This has the highest percentage of conception. This method of reproduction does normally cost about $500 in vet fees.

#3-Frozen/Chilled Semen

-This is great reproductive method for people that live far away.  A reproductive vet will collect, freeze, and ship semen nation wide.

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