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Stella was imported from Serbia.  She is a Jr. Champion English Creme Golden Retriever.  She comes from a long line of health tested parents. She has a top-notch pedigree. She comes from healthy genetics that will be passed onto her puppies.


Stella is sweetheart of a dog.  She loves to play with all of our dogs and gets lonely if she is by herself.  Our dogs spend the day outside and at night they sleep on the floor next to our kids.  All the kids fight to have Stella sleep by them! She is kind and patient.  She is eager and alert. Her eyes are friendly and intelligent. She loves her people! She weighs 72 lbs.  Her coat is pure white and ultra soft.  She loves to go for walks. She loves to roam around our house. She has a calm and relaxed temperament.  We love having her!

Click here to view Stella's pedigree and health clearances


Daisy-Mission of the Rush

Daisy is a bueatiful English Cream Golden Retriever.  She comes from champions scattered throughout Europe.  She has been health tested she passes these amazing traits on to her puppies.  

Daisy has lived with us since she was 8 weeks old.  She is kind and gentle with everyone.  She loves to snuggle, go on long walks, and play on our hobby farm.  She gets along great with cats, rabbits, goats, and the cows.  She loves her people more than anything thing else and will do whatever makes us happy.  We love Daisy!

Click here to view Daisy's pedigree from and her health clearances


Pixie is a beautiful English Creme Golden Retriever.  Her mom, Sadie-Mission of the Rush, and her dad, Joy-Golden Romance Walk the Line come from a great linage of Champion field and show golden retrievers. Her pedigree is full of health tested golden retrievers mostly from Europe.

Pixie is the fastest golden retriever I have ever seen.  She loves to run! It is a thing of beauty to watch her race across of field with power and grace!  Her sprint is smooth, coordinated and balanced.  She is 52lbs and cute as can be. She matches the name Pixie perfectly. She has beautiful straight fur with a slight hint of gold.  She is friendly and active.  She loves to go for jogs in the park, hikes in the mountains, and runs following a bike.  She is very obedient and wants to please her people!


Pixie passed her OFA health tests!

Hips GR-128201

Elbow GR-EL57915

She has also had a genetic panel done and is clear on everything and ICT free!

daisy with 3 pups not pdf.jpg
DSC_0111 (4).jpg


Duke is our amazing import from Serbia.  He has an A+ pedigree with numerous European champions scattered throughout. His pedigree matches his personality!  He is everything you would want in a golden retriever! He has passed his awesome genetics to puppies throughout America!


Duke is an active and athletic dog.  He is alert and intelligent.  He confident and eager to please.  He is quick to obey voice commands.  And he loves his people!  He is the perfect combination of power and agility.  He loves hiking step mountains around our house. He is 72 pounds and he has a strong and muscular appearance. He loves to play with all of our dogs!  He plays tug of war with our puppies and wrestles with our older retired dogs. His best friend in the entire world is Josh.  He sleeps next to Josh's bed every night.


Duke is available for stud-The stud service must be an artificial insemination.  Coordination must me set up by the owner of the female. Our favorite vets to work with are South Mtn. vet clinic in Draper or Mountain West Animal Hospital in Springville.   

Duke #2.jpg

Click here to view Duke's Pedigree and Health Tests Information


Maverick has a unique story.  He is imported from the Ukraine.  He was one of the last dogs imported before the war with Russia started.  Maverick came from the Navilis Kennel.  I will always be grateful for the Navilis Kennel getting Maverick to us! He is "one of a kind"!

Maverick is the future stud of our breeding program.  He growing quickly and learning new things everyday.  He is pure white and is ICT Clear. We love having him!


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