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     We are a golden retriever breeding company we would love to get your buisness and we wont stop helping you until your happy.  So we will take the time to help you.

     We love our dogs and we really care about them which makes us not want to sell puppies to bad homes so if your not going to care for your dog then don't even contact us.  You can contact us at

Our family fell in love with English Cream Golden Retrievers when our ninth child was hospitalized and needed a life-saving surgery. During the six weeks we spent at Primary Children’s Hospital helping our daughter recover we saw a beautiful and calm Golden Retriever visiting with patients and families at the hospital. Wanting a dog like this for our family, we began doing our homework. We discovered that generations of breeding and care go into the very best dogs.

We love our English Cream Golden Retrievers and are committed to raising puppies that will be of service to others- whether that service is as a quality pet in your home or working as a service or therapy dog.

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