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Boomer-Florida Puppy

He's doing great! We can't keep him out of the pool but he's a bundle of fun. Vet said he's happy and healthy. We're very happy and would recommend your pups to any of our friends looking.

Indi-Utah Puppy

"She’s absolutely incredible and has helped with my personal anxiety. She can tell when I’m not feeling well and if ever there is contention she comes to the rescue. She’s sooo smart. She was potty trained within the first week of having her home. She knows how to sit, lay down, stay, shake, and almost roll over. We love her!!"

Bentley-Arizona Puppy

Our sweet little boy has finally grown into his big boy Service Dog vest. Can’t believe that in just 3 days, he’ll be 6 months old😭🐶💙💙💙
We seriously won the puppy lottery with Bentley. Every day he amazes me with how intelligent he is: both emotionally & in his every day training.
We love you SO MUCH....and we’re so proud of you, Bentley!🤗❤️

Avanti-Idaho Puppy

 I’ve never had a dog that I have fallen in love this deeply with and in such a short time. She has an amazing personality and loves with everything in her.

Charlie-California Puppy

Picked up our new girl this week and we love her so much already! She is so sweet, playful and patient. Can’t wait to see her grow up. Nate and Lifetime Golden’s were so helpful, answered lots of questions, and even housed the puppy for an additional week so I could make accommodations to drive from California to come get our girl. It was a great experience and we can’t wait for more with our new little family member!

Zahra-Utah Puppy

Meet Zahra! Her name means "Queen" and she's the lucky puppy that goes to work with Dr. Dobson at Riverwoods Pet Hospital every day. Dr. Dobson has been in our home with our puppies and chose this sweetie to take home with her from Daisy's litter.
Message from the breeders!
We're so grateful for the people who give our puppies such happy homes!
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